Introducing the HCC3320M-IR/28-V2 2MP Dome Camera – a high-performance surveillance solution designed for exceptional clarity and reliability. With a 2MP resolution, 30 frames per second (FPS), and a 2.8mm lens, this dome camera ensures crisp and smooth video capture for comprehensive monitoring.

Key Features:

  1. 2MP Resolution: Capture clear and detailed footage with a 2MP resolution, providing enhanced visual clarity for surveillance needs.

  2. Smooth 30FPS: Enjoy smooth video playback with a high frame rate of 30 frames per second, ensuring that every detail is captured in real-time.

  3. 2.8mm Lens: The 2.8mm lens provides a wide field of view, making it suitable for various applications and allowing you to monitor a larger area effectively.

  4. Infrared Night Vision (98ft): Equipped with advanced IR technology, this dome camera offers impressive night vision capabilities, reaching up to 98 feet in low-light conditions for around-the-clock surveillance.

  5. Durable Dome Design: The dome design adds a discreet and tamper-resistant element to the camera, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments.

The HCC3320M-IR/28-V2 is an ideal choice for those seeking a 2MP dome camera with advanced features, delivering reliable and high-quality surveillance performance. Whether for residential or commercial use, this camera ensures your security needs are met with excellence.

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HCC3320M-IR/28- V2 2MP DOME CAMERA - 30FPS, 2.8MM, IR(98FT)
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